Facility Maintenance Decisions

Managers Should Evaluate Roof Coatings Warranties

Many manufacturers offer 5-, 10-, and even 15-year warranties on their coatings. But the existing roof substrate typically is not a coating manufacturer’s product, so it is not part of the roof warranty.

During a project’s design and construction, the coating manufacturer might require test cut samples of the membrane before selecting and applying a coating. The attachment of the existing roof system also might affect the type of warranty the manufacturer chooses to provide.

Using an elastomeric roof coating in conjunction with a professional roof-management program, managers will find they can recoat a roof numerous times before having to replace the initial roof membrane. With proper maintenance and coatings, a roof can last much longer than its design life, creating significant savings for the organization.

Roof Restoration and Coating Benefits

• Lower energy cost

• Increased service life

• Quick and easy application

• Aesthetics

• Minimize business disruption

• No tear-off or landfill fees

• Cost-effective over second roofing layer

• Restoration usually can be repeated

• Less work, smaller crews, lower labor costs

• Environmental friendliness

• Additional warranty protection.


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