Before having a new roof installed managers need to take some time to fully understand the contents of the roof’s warranty. By reading the fine print and asking the right questions, managers can better understand just what the warranty covers.

Keeping a Roof Warranty Intact by Avoiding Common Mistakes

To keep a roof warranty intact, managers and workers need to avoid maintenance mistakes that could void the warranty.

By Ryan Berlin, Managing Editor  
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Mistakes and compliance

Manufacturer warranties cover the roof materials and the workmanship to install the roof. To keep the warranty intact, managers and workers need to avoid common communication and maintenance mistakes that can void the warranty.

“Manufacturers should provide clear guidelines for property owners to be able to make a claim in the event there is a problem,” says Helene Hardy Pierce with GAF. “If a claim is made, then responding in a timely manner is certainly appreciated. Additionally, manufacturers should provide maintenance guidelines for roofing systems to help property owners maintain their roofs.”

By understanding a warranty’s exclusions, workers can avoid mistakes that run the risk of voiding the warranty.

“One common exclusion involves unauthorized repairs,” Vross says. “Many warranties stipulate the procedures for reporting a leak and who can repair a leak. But what do you do when that party is slow to respond to your call when you have a dire problem?

“Know your warranty’s exclusions, and be careful to balance the emergency needs of your building with the terms of your warranty when making repairs to what possibly might be a warranty claim.”

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