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Focus On Roofing Materials and Workmanship To Improve Longevity

2. Quality Materials

Not all roof materials are the same and not all materials are suitable for all buildings. This is reflected in cost and through material comparison. Long-term roof performance requires quality materials. Minor economic savings in material costs could result in premature roof failures or shortened service life. The types of materials applied should be compatible to the building conditions and applied in accordance with the manufacturer's latest printed requirements. The applied materials should be new, free of all moisture and manufactured in compliance with ASTM standards. Proper material storage at the project site is also required.

3. Quality Workmanship

The roof is one of the only major building components that is fully constructed on-site. It is a system of components and diverse materials. Although there is some repetition in component applications, detail work can vary from day to day. Specialty crews that apply the same types of systems on every project are becoming increasingly rare. The current roof mechanics are being asked to apply all types of systems and may not complete the same system on two consecutive projects for months. This requires applicators with greater versatility.

A large percentage of premature roof failures occur due to improper workmanship. Quality applications require skilled workmen who are familiar with the materials that are being applied. The system applicators should be properly trained to apply the materials in compliance with the manufacturers requirements.

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Focus On Roofing Materials and Workmanship To Improve Longevity

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