Factors to Consider in Roof Repair, Recover and Replace Decision

Part 3 of a 4 part article covering the options managers face for roofing projects

By Eric Hasselbusch  
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Managers can not turn to a book that tells them when to repair, recover or replace a roof, so they need to consider several essential factors in making this important decision:

The roof’s potential design service life. Knowing the type of roof system and application method, the general quality of the installation, climatic conditions, and the roof’s service requirements can help determine the potential design service life.

The potential deterioration curve. By knowing the potential design service life, present age, and condition, a manager can determine approximately where the roof is along the deterioration timeline.

The nature of leaks. Crews can repair isolated leaks in the field, along perimeter edges and penetrations if they can identify them before they cause significant damage. But if the leaks are systemic or difficult to prevent, repairing the leaks might only be a temporary fix.

Risk. Roof condition is only one aspect of the prioritization process. Managers also need to consider the way the decision to repair, recover or replace the roof will impact building occupants, facility operations, and long-term roof performance. In many cases, risk and the potential cost associated with that risk can be the driving factors for repairing, recovering or replacing a roof.

Life-cycle costs. Managers can use a life-cycle model to make a decision on whether to repair, recover or replace a roof. To ensure the results are as beneficial as possible, managers must be sure to base their assumptions on objective, sound information.

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