Checklist for UPS Maintenance

uninterruptible power supply   June 8, 2009

This is Chris Matt, Associate Editor of Maintenance Solutions magazine. Today’s tip is developing a UPS maintenance checklist.

Regular equipment testing should be part of a manager’s maintenance schedule for uninterruptible power supplies, or UPS. Such a schedule might include the following elements and their designated time frames:

On a quarterly basis: Visually inspect equipment for loose connections, burned insulation or any other signs of wear.

Semiannually: Visually check for liquid contamination from batteries and capacitors. Clean and vacuum UPS equipment enclosures. And check HVAC equipment and performance related to temperature and humidity.

Annually: Conduct thermal scans on electrical connections to ensure all are tight and not generating heat. Also, provide a complete operational test of the system, including a monitored battery-rundown test to determine if any battery strings or cells are near the end of their useful lives.

Finally, on a biannual basis, technicians should test UPS transfer switches, circuit breakers and maintenance bypasses. If a generator is part of the building’s emergency-power system and feeds the UPS, technicians will need to test it monthly or quarterly.


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