Restroom Review: Unique Facilities in NYC

  September 14, 2017

By Dan Hounsell

Let’s face it: Restrooms are part of everyone’s life. They can be a lot more than just places to relieve yourself, though. Often, they are refuges from a stressful night or places to refresh, relax, recuperate, and talk in secret. When you really think about it, restrooms are shelters of sorts — a built-in escape that no one can rightly stop you from taking.

They can also be beautiful and inventive visual experiences. In New York City, where absolutely anything can and will be designed to the limit, there are more than a few bathrooms that are worth visiting for their design alone.

Read this article to discover 10 of the most unique, beautiful, strange, and even terrifying public restrooms in the city: http://untappedcities.com/2017/07/20/the-top-11-most-fascinating-public-bathrooms-in-nyc/

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