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Stadium's restroom renovation delivers durability for the long run

                                                                                                                                                      Durability is an important consideration in specifying restroom products such as toilet partitions in sports stadiums

Durability is an important consideration for maintenance and engineering managers specifying restroom products such as toilet partitions in sports stadiums and other high-traffic institutional and commercial facilities.
U.S. Cellular Field, the home of the Chicago White Sox baseball team, underwent multiple upgrades in the last decade, including a restroom renovation from 2011-2013.
“There is enormous traffic in our bathrooms day-in and day-out throughout the season,” says Don Esposito, the club’s senior director of purchasing, construction and maintenance. “This includes meeting the needs of up to 2.5 million attendees annually, who have been known to express either joy or frustration in various ways. We required materials that fit the modern, clean and upscale design of our stadium while holding up to rowdy fans within a cost frame that fits our budget.”
Esposito turned to Hiny Hiders® bathroom partitions from Scranton Products because of their look, overall durability, and ability to lower maintenance costs for the park’s 320 stalls.
The ballpark’s steel beams provided support for the ceiling-hung partitions, and continuous door hinges and brackets helped increase the rigidity of the partition system and meet high-traffic demands.
The facility’s cleaning staff was impressed with the partitions’ resistance to graffiti and the ease with which the partitions cleaned. The partitions do not require painting, are bacteria-resistant, and offer protection against dents, scratches, graffiti, corrosion, mildew, and moisture.
“Our maintenance routine involves power washing the restrooms between each game,” Esposito says.  “With Hiny Hiders, the process now takes far less time and labor for our cleaning staff, which needs to react quickly and efficiently when we host a doubleheader or more than one event in a single day.”
The environmentally friendly partitions contain 100 percent recycled products and Greenguard Gold certified.
“A big part of my job is to look for problems and get repairs done,” Esposito says.  “The old partitions were prone to scratches, gouges, and malfunctioning hardware.  We couldn’t be happier with the Hiny Hiders, which look great and so far have proven to be reliable, dependable and durable game after game.”

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