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Florida College Reduces Potable Water Use with Well-Water System

Yohannes Asgedom, the energy management systems manager at Broward College in Davie, Fla., discusses the well-water system that reduces the use of potable water on campus

Yohannes Asgedom

Yohannes Asgedom
energy management systems manager
Broward College in Davie, Fla.

1. Briefly describe how the well water system provides water to the campus chillers.

The project goal was to install well water source for make-up water for cooling tower systems reducing water and sewage costs to the college. The program will also reduce load to the local municipalities.

2. What was your role as manager in the design and planning process for the project?

I have been involved in the feasibility study, design and managing of the project installation.

3. How was your staff impacted by the implementation of the system in terms of installation, operation, and training?

Once the project was successfully completed, the Broward College staff was trained to monitor the system. They have been monitoring the water treatment chemicals, salt, testing, and system operating efficient.
The system is operating as designed and intended.

4. What kinds of savings have you experienced since the installation?

The savings have been on an average of 25-to-30 percent.

5. What are the next water-saving steps your department is taking?

We are planning to implement a Central Campus well next during the next fiscal year, budget permitting.

posted:  6/2/2014