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Touchless Controls Improve Sanitation, Minimize Maintenance

One of the most significant benefits of touchless technology is the impact on sanitation and perceived cleanliness among restroom users. Touchless controls minimize the chance users will come in contact with bacteria or germs on the surface of restroom controls. Eliminating the need for contact by itself typically results in users giving the cleanliness of the restroom a higher rating.

Touchless controls also reduce maintenance requirements. Manual controls tend to wear out more quickly than touchless controls and are more prone to accidental or deliberate abuse by users. And with the operating portion of the controls out of users’ reach, vandalism is greatly reduced.

One of the biggest benefits of touchless controls is their ability to reduce water use in restrooms by an average of 75 percent. With this technology, users cannot leave water faucets on accidentally or intentionally. And with their metered flow and positive-shutoff features, touchless-faucet controls limit water use to the amount users actually need while maintaining adequate flow.

The technology also prevents urinal and water-closet flush valves from being activated more than once per user. In most cases, the water savings alone over two-three years can pay for the cost differential between touchless and manual controls.

Mangers can achieve similar savings with other touchless restroom controls. Touchless soap and paper-towel dispensers limit the amount of product dispensed with each use, reducing both the cost of the product and the frequency with which cleaning crews must refill the dispenser.

Touchless electric hand dryers also limit the amount of time the dryer operates to just the actual time the user requires, reducing energy costs by an average of 25-50 percent.

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Touchless Controls Improve Sanitation, Minimize Maintenance

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