Successful Plumbing Upgrades Depend on Occupant Support

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Building occupant support for sustainability and water-conservation initiatives will be a critical aspect of the "hospital of the future" project, Hamilton says.

"Engaging and letting people know, especially with the new facility, is a really big thing because everyone is entrusted in all the conservation features in that building," she says.

PMC West will have 739,000 square feet and 288 private rooms. The design team focused on sustainability, a patient-centric culture, and a strong healing environment, says Wendy Cohen, the health system's director of facilities construction.

"Within those domains, water conservation was a key focus," Cohen says. "Water-conservation elements can be seen throughout the building, from the selection of the equipment in the central plant, the consideration of potable — or reclaimed — water at our cooling towers and irrigated spaces, to the selection of sustainable, drought-resistant plants throughout the campus, and attention to low-flow plumbing fixtures throughout the building."

The facility will feature high-efficiency toilets and showers, 1/8-gpf urinals, and low-flow, sensor-operated faucets. The organization has struggled with water conservation in the past, but the Pomerado Hospital and PMC West projects are signs of a renewed focus on water efficiency. After completing the retrofits at Pomerado Hospital less than a year ago, Johnston has been pleased with the results.

"Everything went really smooth," he says. "It's a costly expense, but in the long run, it's going to save the facility money. It's (time-consuming) to put the equipment in. But any time you can save water — a very precious resource we have — it's a good idea."

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Hospital's Plumbing Systems Upgrades Provide Roadmap

Water Audit Paves the Way for Successful Plumbing Upgrade

Successful Plumbing Upgrades Depend on Occupant Support

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