Resort Retrofits Wastewater-Treatment System

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The hotel addition also coincided with the retrofit of the resort’s wastewater-treatment system. The new membrane bio-reactor system — which provides reclaimed water for the resort’s landscape irrigation, fire and life-safety sprinkler system, and toilets on the casino floor — provides 350,000 gallons of maximum daily flow. The old sequential bio-reactor system provided the resort with 100,000 gallons of maximum daily flow.

The resort has 1.5 million gallons of storage for reclaimed water. Key maintenance tasks for the wastewater-treatment system center on keeping pumps and blowers functional, Morris says. Technicians also have to closely monitor reclaimed water, due to the range of systems and components it serves.

“We have to maintain and watch closely where we irrigate and how much we irrigate,” Morris says. “Since our irrigation system is tied into the reclaimed-water tanks, we also have to be careful that we maintain enough fire life-safety water for the building in case there is an event.”

Whether the resort is implementing environmental initiatives or taking on a large-scale renovation or construction project, Morris and his team work together not only to streamline maintenance and operations after changes have been made. They also try to ensure any changes to the facility or its operations benefit occupants and visitors.

Says Morris, “I think the project, from start to finish, went very well. It was a lot of good experience for myself, going through and tying in a major addition to an already existing and functioning five-year-old business. It was a lot of fun.”

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