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Drain Cleaning: Locator Systems Detect Underground Clogs

One key component of an inspection system is equipment to locate a problem under a floor or underground from a remote, above-ground inspection point. This component is especially important if workers need to excavate to reach the problem. It helps them avoid guessing where to excavate and doing unnecessary digging or, even worse, damaging a buried cable.

The conventional method for locating a clog is to use the sound of the auger to approximate its location. Now, technicians have a better option. Separate from the camera system, units feature a sensitive electronic locator that can help technicians accomplish the task more accurately and faster. The locator's display shows line direction, changes in direction, left-right guidance to aid in centering over the line, and a digital depth indicator showing the line's depth at a particular point.

The locator shows the camera's progress through the drain by tracking a beacon from the transmitter. It also can spot the location technicians need to start digging in the event of a collapsed pipe they need to excavate for repair.

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Drain Cleaning: Locator Systems Detect Underground Clogs

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