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Facility Maintenance Decisions
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Plumbing Retrofits Do More Than Save Water

By Dave Lubach, Associate Editor Plumbing & Restrooms   Article Use Policy

Curtailing water use and producing savings are two essential goals of every maintenance and engineering manger who undertakes plumbing retrofits in institutional and commercial facilities. But as new generation plumbing products emerge, managers are realizing they can achieve even more with such projects.

"The biggest reason to do a retrofit would be water savings," says Mike Gipson of Sloan Valve Co. "Water savings tends to be the driver. There's no way around it. Everything is driving down the amount of water these devices use, and buildings can save money by using less water.

"Another nice benefit can be the whole hands-free side with sensor-activated plumbing. Anytime people don't have to touch the faucets or flushometer handles in the restroom, that's good. The third benefit is for an aesthetic or image upgrade versus what they may have in there today."

With so many benefits within reach, managers need to research thoroughly and specify carefully when selecting plumbing products that best match their facility's needs.

posted on 5/19/2014