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Specifying the Proper Paints and Coatings

Managers who understand what kind of substrate they have can specify the proper paints and coatings.

By Ryan Berlin, Managing Editor  
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Once managers have had a site survey conducted, understand the kind of substrate that needs to be covered, and have determined and addressed risks for premature failures, they can begin the specification process for the paint or coating. One key element of the process is understanding product formulation.

“More and more coatings are going toward lower VOC formulations,” says Jake Boyer with Prosoco, referring to volatile organic compounds. “Manufacturers are also removing hazardous ingredients that may not contribute to the VOC necessarily but could be severely detrimental to not only the person applying it but to even the long-terms users of the facilities.”

Managers who understand trends in paints and coatings are apt to have greater success specifying an effective paint and coating based on facility need.

“Over the years, some facilities have had issues with indoor odors,” Watson says. “Odor-eliminating technology can help reduce common indoor odors on a molecular level. When the odor comes into contact with the painted surface, it actually breaks the odor compound down and neutralizes it to help the room stay fresher.”

Manufacturers also have released paints and coatings that protect surfaces against graffiti, stains, and scuffs, break down airborne diseases, and offer anti-moisture and anti-corrosion protection.

“Paint and coating technology changes so quickly that you want to make sure that you have the best product for that project,” Elliot says. “It’s important to stay in touch with either your manufacturer or a coatings consultant.”

By working directly with a manufacturer or coatings consultant, managers can better understand the most effective way to specify paints and coatings.

“Managers should work with local representation and get them involved early on in the project to make sure they not only specify the correct paints and coatings but also correctly budget for them,” Boyer says. “From specification to actual implementation, make sure they get involved early.”

“The representatives are experts in their products. They should be able to help make sure the substrate is appropriate for the coating, and they help make sure the coating is appropriate for the intended use”

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