SIDEBAR: Coatings Checklist — Application Considerations

SIDEBAR: Coatings Checklist — Application Considerations

Part five of a five-part article on concrete coatings

By Dave Lubach, Associate Editor  
OTHER PARTS OF THIS ARTICLEPt. 1: Concrete Coatings: Repairing and Preparing for SuccessPt. 2: Matching Concrete Coatings with Traffic Patterns and Weather ConditionsPt. 3: Waterproofing Among Important Concrete Coating Application ConsiderationsPt. 4: Post-Application Maintenance Plan for Concrete CoatingsPt. 5: This PagePt. 6: PRODUCTS: Paints & Coatings

The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) offers maintenance and engineering managers in institutional and commercial facilities a coating specification checklist for concrete coating projects on its website, www.sspc.org.

The checklist is a supplement extracted from the SSPC’s Technical Insight Report Preparing and Using Protective Coating Specifications. It is a free download on the SSPC’s website in the Technical Insight Report area. Items commonly covered in a specification for coating applications include:

  • condition in the container being used
  • the ratio by volume of the components to combine
  • instruction for mixing components
  • amount of thinner, if any, permitted
  • ambient conditions for application and curing
  • induction time at different temperatures
  • pot life at different temperatures
  • allowable application methods
  • stripe coating
  • protection areas not to be coated
  • protection of painted surface during curing
  • initial cure period
  • recoat window
  • acceptable wet/dry film-thickness ranges
  • the amount of allowable and special requirements

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