Partnering with Outsourced Service Providers

  September 23, 2009

When upper management puts the squeeze on the facilities management budgets, it might be tempting to simply let the budget stress slide downhill to land in the lap of outsourced service providers. Instead of engaging in wholesale slashing and cutting of outsourced services, facility executives can choose to partner with their providers to see how they can work together to get to the bottom line in a creative manner. One facility executive reports going to his service providers after his budgets were cut in half and saying he didn’t really want to make cuts but he needed their creative ideas to navigate the situation. To answer his challenge, the cleaning services provider is piloting a day cleaning program to cut the need for dayporters while improving customer satisfaction since employees can now talk directly with the janitors. With the security provider, this facility executive is talking about how to streamline patrols and improve the reporting process. With some creativity and teamwork, it is possible to maintain service levels while cutting costs.


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