Leveraging the Outsourced Service Provider's Network

  February 26, 2010

They say that when you marry someone, it's not just the person but the whole family. In a similar way, when facility managers enter into a relationship with an outsourced service provider, they gain access to that provider's network of experts. Depending on the provider, this could mean being able to tap expertise from around the world.

As globalization works to shrink the world, the concept of facilities management is slowly becoming homogenized. Eventually, a Class A building will come to mean the same thing, no matter where a facility manager might be. This is not to say that one vision of facilities management is being stamped across the globe, but rather best practices can now more freely be observed and adopted. As executives travel to Japan one day and Caracas the next and see different strategies at work, they bring back "what if" propositions to their own facilities.

The jet-setting facility manager is probably a rarer creature, but facility managers can still leverage their network of providers by inquiring about and remain open to the best-practices they might have encountered on other accounts or world-wide locations.


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