Establishing Emergency Response Procedures With Outsourced Service Providers

coding system, emergency response   March 27, 2008

Part of creating a successful partnership with outsourced service providers is to clearly establish how both parties will handle emergencies. One tested approach is to establish a coding system that signifies the type of problem and an automatic course of action associated with that type of problem. For example, Code Red might mean fire or flooding while Code Blue might mean an urgent situation, such as a sanitation or restroom problem. The system should identify responses and how long the service provider has to carry them out.

The facility executive should also identify a single in-house point of contact, with backups and alternates, through whom all emergencies are communicated. Taking that concept to the next level would be to have several in-house contacts, each assigned to a specific code designation. That way, providers know immediately the severity of the situation when the particular person contacts them.


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