Considering Outsourcing Facilities Management

  September 8, 2009

In some sectors of facilities management, such as in pharmaceuticals, there is a trend towards moving the facilities management function out from in-house into a third-party integrated facilities management model, with the third-party integrator taking over the company’s national portfolio. One facility executive employed in-house at a pharmaceutical looking to make that transition recently said the first step in evaluating whether that model will work for his company is to do an in-depth full scale analysis of their existing processes and compare them to what the third party integrator would do. Even if they decide not to go with the third-party model, fully examining their own processes can help unearth potential for efficiencies or other cost-savings. In the event his company does go with the integrator model, he’s telling his in-house staff to focus on the positive aspects. The sheer size and geographic reach of such integrators means a whole world of possibilities could open up to them.


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