Where Green Cleaning is Headed in the Near Future

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Gazing into the crystal ball for a moment, where do you think green cleaning is headed in the near future?

Well, the crystal ball is a bit cloudy, with some harsh residual chemicals still in the future. Yet, continued innovation in products, systems, and resources are moving us toward extreme green cleaning, and ultimately to toxic-free, less harmful products.

We’ll see a number of the large chemical companies begin to move aggressively beyond today’s green products to even more remarkable toxic-free products. They’ll do it to protect and gain market share and they’ll move from skunkworks experiments and one-off strategies into full production for extraordinary product lines that protect workers, building occupants, and our environment.

Look for the emergence of robotic cleaning, self-cleaning spray-on solutions, self-cleaning building surfaces, living walls, photocatalyzing filters, antimicrobial coating in restrooms, and the growth in the use of enzyme cleaning strategies. I also think that we will see greater automation of the buying process, through ecommerce applications.

For such a mature industry, the technological advances are just beginning, and I believe that you will be amazed by what the next few years will bring.

Answers from Vince Elliott, an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and industry innovator advocating on behalf of buyers of facility services for over 40 years. He has also delivered more than 100 conference presentations and written two industry-leading books and some 300 articles, white papers, and ebooks. Reach him at velliott@ealtd.com.

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Choosing a Green Cleaning Vendor

The Current Popularity of Green Cleaning

New Green Cleaning Products and Approaches

Where Green Cleaning is Headed in the Near Future

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