New Green Cleaning Products and Approaches

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What are some new products or approaches in the green cleaning field?

It is exciting to see the innovation that has emerged over the last dozen years or so. For example, microfiber, once a “new technology,” has become ubiquitous. Newly emerging, the introduction of water as a cleaning and sanitizing solution required a double take by many. Activeion was the first company to mass-market this technology; and it was also the first casualty. Yet, the chemical glass was cracked by them.

We’ve seen a number of hypochlorus acid, aqueous ozone, hydrogen peroxide water-based technologies gain market share at the expense of traditional (even some “green”) chemicals.  Project-based floor care has been impacted by the emergence of oscillating “square” floor machines that are also challenging rotary machines for growing market share. Steam vapor has begun to find acceptance. Spray-and-vac systems are gaining recognition as a go-to option for restroom care. Even the traditional floor pad has introduced better pads, including diamond-encrusted versions to refinish and strip hard-surface floors without harsh chemicals.

In terms of approaches, we’re seeing the cleaning industry become better structured and organized. For example, there is an expansion of “day cleaning” systems, with a number of consultants ready and willing to help companies get organized. I’ve watched Rex Morrison gain real acceptance for his innovative Process Cleaning for Healthy Schools (PCHS) program. State- and federally-mandated performance-based cleaning contracts, along with green and least-harmful requirements, are becoming more common, and are being adopted more and more by industry buying innovators.

Answers from Vince Elliott, an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and industry innovator advocating on behalf of buyers of facility services for over 40 years. He has also delivered more than 100 conference presentations and written two industry-leading books and some 300 articles, white papers, and ebooks. Reach him at velliott@ealtd.com.

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Choosing a Green Cleaning Vendor

The Current Popularity of Green Cleaning

New Green Cleaning Products and Approaches

Where Green Cleaning is Headed in the Near Future

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