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RIDGID 238-P Powered
Soil Pipe Cutter
The 238-P is the newest addition to RIDGID's soil-pipe cutting product line. Its light weight — 13-1/2 pounds — and size — 11-1/2 inches long — makes it easier for plumbers and mechanical contractors to quickly cut in those hard-to-reach spaces. It is designed for use with a half-inch impact driver and incorporates a chain that can cut no-hub and service-weight cast iron and clay pipe up to 8 inches in diameter and concrete pipe up to 6 inches in diameter. Its two-directional operation allows users to score pipe before cutting, making for a cleaner cut, and the tool’s torque limit (patent pending) protects it from overloading.

New ClogChopper™ Cutters
Revolutionize Drain Cleaning
The multi-function cutting tools from General Pipe Cleaners feature six self-sharpening blades that dig into encrusted debris and root masses, easily grinding up stoppages, scale, and crystallized urine without risking pipe damage. The spherical design maneuvers around tight bends and traps, thoroughly and safely cleaning metal, plastic, and clay pipes. The cutters are available in 1-, 1-1/2-, 2-, 2-1/2-, 3-, and 4-inch sizes, and they are excellent for clearing stacks, downspouts, and mains, as well as for drain-lining jobs.

General Pipe Cleaners, A Division of General Wire Spring Co.
1101 Thompson Ave.
McKees Rocks, PA 15136
(800) 245-6200 or
(412) 771-6300
TMA Systems Introduces WebTMA GO
WebTMA GO allows you to create work orders, take inventory, maintain quality inspections, manage data and training, and schedule multiple projects by simply tapping on the WebTMA GO app. WebTMA GO saves organizations time and money by assisting in daily operations and generating essential reports.

TMA Systems
Aquatherm PEX Transition
Aquatherm recently introduced a new polypropylene-random (PP-R) to PEX transition. The transitions, which come in 1/2-inch, 3/4-inch, and 1-inch sizes, are made from PP-R and brass. The fittings are heat-fused to Aquatherm pipe on one side of the connection and crimped to PEX pipe on the other side. The transitions were designed similarly to fittings Aquatherm has used in Europe with its raised temperature polyethylene (PE-RT) line for years, while the brass portion of the transition has been reenergized to meet ASTM F1807 and connect seamlessly to standard Imperial PEX sizes.

Phone: (801) 805-6657
Water Detection
Dorlen Products Water Alert detection systems provide early warning of water leakage in unattended, inaccessible or critical areas. The system is activated by liquid bridging the adjustable sensors, and can be used in computer rooms, mechanical rooms and anywhere water leakage is a concern. It can be used as a single detector or a combined ceiling/floor monitoring system for facilities of any size.

Dorlen Products
Rodale Institute CDS™
Cleans, Disinfects, Sanitizes
Air Cycle Corp. announces Rodale Institute CDS™, a revolutionary and non-toxic, safe, and efficient cleaning/sanitizing system. The system is extremely effective against harmful microbes and bacteria, while being safe for your personnel and will make your facility a healthier place overall. Rodale Institute CDS™ allows organizations of all varieties to create solutions on site for a fraction of the cost of traditional, hazardous cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, all for about 2 cents per gallon!

Air Cycle Corp.
Call 800-909-9709
Electric Eel CT
Counter-Top Drain Cleaning Machine
The CT model features unique variable-speed motor control that provides cleaning power from 75 to 350 rpm with constant torque. It is engineered to clean 3/4- to 2-1/2-inch drain lines up to 50 feet. Equipped with a 1⁄5 horsepower, 90 volt DC motor. Available with a two-way auto cable feed that keeps hands off rotating cable as it advances and retrieves cable with the push of a lever. Built-in GFCI on 20-foot line cord protects operator from electrical shock. Includes air-operated foot switch and cord. Runs 1/4-, 5⁄16- and 3⁄8-inch cable.

Electric Eel Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Toll Free: (800) 833-1212
Fax: (937)-323-3767
The ASI Group ...
Your Single Source Solution
The ASI Group is your single source solution for Washroom Accessories, Toilet Partitions, Lockers and other storage products worldwide. With experienced architectural representatives and customer service teams, we are here to help you deliver on projects that range from world-class office buildings, educational facilities, sports venues, and government buildings to hospitals, chain stores, and hospitality/entertainment complexes.

The ASI Group
Visit us at asigroup.us
Goodway CoilPro CC-400HF —
HiFlow Coil Cleaner
Thick evaporator and condenser coils have always been a challenge to clean. Either there's too much pressure that damages coils and fins or too little water volume that can't get through the thick coils. The new CoilPro CC-400HF is the answer to those situations. It combines the best of both worlds. 400 psi cleaning power with patented tip technology is safe on coil fins, while the 3 gpm+ flow rate powers through even the thickest, dirtiest coils.

Phone: 1-800-333-7467

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