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FacilitiesNet Products

FacilitiesNet ProductsFLIR Systems Inc.
Infrared cameras
The T-250 and T-200 units have picture-in-picture capability that enhances the value of an infrared image by allowing overlay of the image directly over the corresponding visible image with the push of a button. It enables easier identification and interpretation of infrared images. The cameras include 200- by-150 infrared resolution – 30,000 pixels – automatic and manual focus for different users and various applications, and high thermal sensitivity to quickly pinpoint problems. The T-250 offers touch-screen capability for sketching diagrams and marking images, helping generate reports.

FacilitiesNet ProductsCarrier Corp.
Rooftop chiller
The Centurion® PD series provides single-zone, variable-cooling capacity and fan-speed control in one rooftop package. The units have Energy Star-certified efficiencies with up to a 15 seasonal energy-efficiency ratio. The units use variable-capacity scroll compressors and variable-speed indoor fan systems. ComfortLink™ controls monitor the units’ operations to help modulate the 4- and 5-ton units to as low as 1.5 tons of cooling to meet varying zone loads. The units make maintenance easier with tilt-out economizers and items that slide out, including condensate pans, 4-inch filter racks, and blower motor assemblies.

Dickson Co.
Data logger
The Graph-at-a-Glance units are paperless chart recorders that provide a digital graph that enables managers to visualize environmental trends that potentially affect energy costs and occupant comfort. Features include: 36 percent greater data resolution with jumbo screen; flash memory card; data-transfer capability; USB-enabled, triple-speed downloading; user-defined display settings; audio/visual alarms; and 32 kilobytes of storage. The FT300 and FT325 models track temperature only, while the FH320 and FH325 models track temperature and humidity.

Titan Tool Supply Inc.
Video-inspection system
The SnakeEye III™ combines a light-emitting-diode (LED) camera and thin-film-transistor, liquid-crystal-display technology to deliver clear, full-color video. It records images to a flash memory card, allowing users to transfer images to a personal computer for archival and e-mail. The system is constructed of high-impact plastic, which helps resist water, dust, and dirt particles. The system is available in two different models. Base kit W features an interchangeable camera head with built-in LED lighting. This camera attaches to a wand extender, enabling inspection of areas that have access openings as small as 1.1 inches. Base kit CW includes a C-mount camera that attaches a borescope or fiberscope to the display monitor, which records the images and enables more than one person to make visual inspections at one time.

FacilitiesNet ProductsHonda Power Equipment
Snow blower
The track-drive units are equipped with ice-breaking serrated augers, adjustable-discharge chutes, user-friendly controls, and hydrostatic drives for variable-speed control. The auger shaft is bearing supported, and the auger drive features replaceable shear bolts to enhance performance and durability. The dual-track drive system and the three-position auger allow superior traction for demanding snow conditions. The units can move up to 71.7 tons of snow per hour. Pliable, low-temperature rubber tracks with cleats provide solid traction. The blower also features an electric start, and one lever adjusts ground speed without affecting auger-rotation speed.

FacilitiesNet ProductsSteril-Aire Inc.
Air purifier
Steril-Zone™ uses a three-stage process to clean the air in rooms with up to 1,000 square feet. The purifier features the UVC Emitter™ to clear the air of bacteria, mold and viruses. The UVC lamp, the high-efficiency air filter, and the long-life carbon filter remove all three categories of indoor air pollutants and irritants – particulates, volatile organic compounds and microorganisms. The unit features a 95 percent efficient, minimum efficiency reporting value 16 filter that removes particulate contaminants down to 0.3 micron in size, without using ionization or electrostatic charges. The purifier moves the air at 250 cubic feet per minute with an air-exchange rate of up to five changes per hour in an average room. The unit operates on 120-volt, single-phase power.

FacilitiesNet ProductsHalsey Taylor
Water coolers
The Voyager MVP line is equipped with an electronic eye sensor, an Aqua Sentry™ filter, and a filter-life indicator to provide hands-free access to healthy drinking water. Once the eye sensor determines someone has approached the water cooler, the unit begins to dispense water, allowing for hygienic operation. A built-in safeguard automatically shuts off the stream after 30 seconds to avoid wasting water. The filter reduces the taste and odor associated with sediment and chlorine, and it decreases harmful contaminants, such as cysts and lead. The filter-life indicator features a light-emitting-diode display with a green light that indicates when the unit is functioning optimally, a yellow light that signals the filter will need replacement soon, and a red light that notifies technicians when a new filter is needed. Each filter is designed to deliver up to 750 gallons of water. Since the filter is encapsulated, technicians never have to touch the filter media, further safeguarding the water supply from contaminants.

FacilitiesNet ProductsJohnson Controls
Scroll chiller
The York® Tempo™ air-cooled chiller uses HFC-410A, a refrigerant with zero ozone-depletion potential and no phase-out schedule. The unit also employs an advanced refrigerant-circuit design that requires 30-50 percent less refrigerant than comparable models. The units qualify for one credit under the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system. The chillers offer a low-sound design and additional sound-attenuation options. The units are self-contained and designed for outdoor – roof or ground level – installation. An optional, factory-mounted hydronic-pumping kit is available to simplify field installation in either service-replacement or new-building applications. Technicians can configure the units to meet specific application requirements for energy, sound, water flow and other specifications.

FacilitiesNet ProductsNew Pig Corp.
Covered containment pallet
The PIG® Single Drum Pallet Roll Top Hardcover allows workers to load and access single drums more easily with pumps and funnels in place. The unit provides protected storage and non-hazardous liquid containment for a frequently accessed drum. Facilities can use the unit indoors or outdoors, due to its low-density polyethylene construction with ultraviolet inhibitors. The roll-top cover is weather-tight, gray in color to hide grime, and extra high and wide to enable drum storage with pumps and funnels in place. The 12 percent high-bottom pallet is easier to load and unload and can hold up to 61 gallons of leaks, drips, and spills from one drum. Forklift pockets in the pallet allow for easier movement.

FacilitiesNet ProductsStaco Energy Products Co.
Low-flow showerhead
The FirstLine® 924 three-phase central emergency lighting system is designed for 8-16 kilowatt applications. The online, double-conversion central inverter provides computer-grade power quality for any lighting system, including incandescent, magnetic and electronic fluorescent ballasts, high-power-factor compact fluorescent, high-intensity discharge, high-pressure sodium, and metal halide. The unit provides a minimum 90-minute power supply during blackouts and protects the connected load from damaging sags, swells, harmonics, noise, and voltage imbalances in the primary alternating-current (AC) supply. Isolating the connected load from irregularities in the primary AC supply can significantly increase the life expectancy of lighting systems and reduce the long-term cost of ownership.

FacilitiesNet ProductsBriggs Industries Inc.
High-efficiency toilet
The Conserver features a top-mounted, push-button flush release, and specifiers can choose between the 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) or the 1.1 gpf models. The full- and partial-flush technology can reduce water use by 20 percent over traditional toilets that use 1.6 gallons in a every flush. The unit is crafted from vitreous china, which is easier to clean and resists scratching, fading and discoloration. It also features a 2-inch glazed trapway. The toilet is available in white with either a round or elongated front, and it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

FacilitiesNet ProductsGeneral Pipe Cleaners
Tube cutter
AutoCut™ slices copper tubing in spots with less than 1 inch of clearance from a wall when doing stub-out work. The spring-loaded cutting wheel provides constant pressure, which helps avoid accidentally crimping the tubing. The steel cutting wheel automatically tightens as users twist, and there are no knobs to turn. The unit is available in ½-, ¾- and 1-inch sizes. The optional ratchet turning handle for the ½- and ¾-inch models provides users with extra leverage.

FacilitiesNet ProductsDri-Eaz
Mold inhibitor
Milgo QGC inhibits growth of mold and mildew and handles odors such as urine, sewage, and perspiration. The disinfectant is effective for use after water damage or other moisture-related problems. The disinfectant is non-corrosive, approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and includes no added fragrance or color. In one step, the disinfectant sanitizes both porous and nonporous surfaces at 0.5 ounces per gallon. The product also kills methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), staph, listeria, salmonella, and other potentially dangerous microorganisms.

FacilitiesNet ProductsHusqvarna
Wheeled edger
The LE475 features two 7-inch front and two 8-inch rear retreadable tires to provide precision and handling. The edger operates on four wheels, so it has an ergonomic advantage over hand-held edgers because the weight of the unit rests on the tires and not the user’s arms. The cutter head adjusts to multiple positions inside a 90-degree rotation. Workers can use the unit for edging, beveling flower beds, and moderate trimming and brush-cutting projects. The standard 9-inch steel blade has a 4-inch working depth that delivers a precise cut along driveways and sidewalks.

FacilitiesNet ProductsRIDGID
The XF-45 and XF-50 are available in 4½- and 5-inch models, respectively, and feature forged steel construction. A trigger reduces time and effort compared to traditional bench vises that rely solely on hand cranking to tighten and loosen objects. A 360-degree, forged steel swivel base also allows for unlimited adjustability. The vise features a jaw-alignment system, which enables precise clamping and longer service life, as well as forged pipe jaws that more securely clamp pipes and rods. The oversized jaws and anvil provide greater clamping on all work surfaces, while the steel handle’s anti-pinch rings increase power and help eliminate pinches.


Product Focus: Uninterruptible Power Systems
Keeping UPS Up and Running

FacilitiesNet ProductsFalcon Electric Inc.
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
The SSG Series TM Plus® models range from 1.5 kilovolt-amperes (kVA) to 3 kVA. The unit offers an improved level of battery monitoring and replacement notification, as well as user-friendly, hot-swappable battery packs. Technicians can replace the slide-out battery packs through the UPS front panel without having to remove the UPS from the equipment rack, eliminating the handling of individual batteries and the associated wiring hassles. Users also can program two independent output load segments.

FacilitiesNet ProductsHewlett-Packard
Rack-mountable UPS
The R8000/3 and R12000/3 combine the efficiency of a line-interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) – up to 97 percent – with the stability of a double-conversion, online UPS when power fluctuates beyond acceptable limits. Hot-swappable batteries, electronics modules and an automatic bypass reduce downtime when service is needed. The unit features a management module for remote configuration and easier shut down of critical servers without the need for a dedicated management server. The UPS provides remote monitoring and management to alert technicians of issues before they surface.

FacilitiesNet ProductsEmerson Network Power
UPS platform
The Liebert NXL™ is an online, double-conversion uninterruptible power supply available in 250, 300, and 400 kilovolt-ampere ratings. Key features include: overload and fault-clearing capability; color touch-screen controls that improve user interface and reduce risk of human error; matching battery and maintenance bypass cabinets for easier configuration; full-front access for easier installation and service; compact cabinet design that requires less floor space; improved cable access that results in faster and easier installation; and a built-in battery-cabinet breaker that isolates string for ease of service.

FacilitiesNet ProductsTripp Lite
The SU80KTV features four self-contained, redundant, 20 kilovolt-ampere power modules that technicians can hot swap – with the load powered – if maintenance is required. The UPS continually converts incoming alternating-current (AC) power into filtered direct-current (DC) power and then resynthesizes it back into AC power with a pure sine wave. With less than a 3 percent input total harmonic distortion, generators run cooler and last longer, allowing managers to save on installation costs by specifying a generator with a capacity equal to their equipment load – a 1-to-1 ratio. The unit operates up to 96 percent efficiency and maintains continuous operation through blackouts and voltage fluctuations.

FacilitiesNet ProductsEaton Corp.
The MGE Office Protection Systems 10 kilovolt-ampere (kVA) Pulsar MX Frame features two communication slots for versatile, redundant network integration. When the online, double-conversion power modules are connected in parallel within the unit, it can scale power from 5-10 kVA without disrupting connected equipment. The unit has an internal bypass built in to supply the load even if the UPS fails. The 5 kVA models feature hot-swappable battery and power sub-modules, auto battery-test, switched outlets, and a multilingual, liquid-crystal display. The unit also is compatible with three-phase or single-phase supplies.

FacilitiesNet ProductsPowerware
The 9395 offers more than 94 percent efficiency across a wide load range, while providing cost-saving scalability. The 825 kilovolt-ampere unit features a scalable architecture that can adapt to change power requirements. The unit is designed to be field upgradeable by adding additional modules to achieve N+1 redundancy or to provide additional capacity. The unit’s transformerless design results in lower weight and improved energy efficiency, as well as corresponding space and transportation savings.

FacilitiesNet ProductsGE Digital Energy
The 750 kilovolt-ampere (kVA) SG series offers data centers and mission-critical facilities maximum efficiency greater than 94 percent – a 2.5 percent increase from previous 750 kVA designs and a 30 percent smaller footprint. The unit operates in double-conversion mode with continuous online-, voltage- and frequency-independent operation. The UPS: uses a space vector modulation digital-control technique to create faster transient response and low output distortion; remotely monitors and manages power with connections via a local area network or the Internet; decreases equipment requirements, eliminating centralized static-bypass switches and controls cabinets; and eliminates the need for an input-isolation transformer, reducing installation cost and weight.

FacilitiesNet ProductsLightGuard
The Centaurus is listed to the UL 924 emergency-lighting standard to fulfill the life-safety requirements of large and small facilities. The UPS uses microprocessor-based, double-conversion power circuitry, as well as reliable, valve-regulated, absorbed glass-mat batteries to meet critical life-safety requirements. Operation of critical lighting circuits in the event of normal power-supply failure ensures aesthetically pleasing, high-performance, low-maintenance emergency lighting.

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