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Three Hurdles to Efficient MRO Parts Storerooms

By Frank Murphy   Material Handling

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Few institutional or commercial facilities can afford a chartered jet to deliver emergency parts technicians need to keep their essential equipment and systems operating. But every organization can invest in setting up and implementing an efficient, organized, well-stocked, and well-run parts storeroom. To attain this goal, managers will have to make top executives aware of three major hurdles departments need to be overcome to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively:

  • recognizing a serious, costly problem exists
  • seeking solutions to resolve and eliminate that problem
  • committing to and implementing those solutions.

A well-organized storeroom gives maintenance and engineering departments the support they need to keep equipment in the best possible operating condition. Required spare parts must be available, technicians must be able to locate them quickly, and storeroom supervisors must reorder them in a timely manner. If these steps take place properly, technicians can make repairs quickly and efficiently, and the organization remains profitable, competitive, and successful.

Frank Murphy is founder and president of Inventory Management Services Inc., which helps facilities change reactive storeroom practices to proactive standards. The company's consulting implements the design, set-up, relocation, consolidation, organization, physical inventory, and bar-code labeling of MRO spare parts storerooms and maintenance tool cribs.

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Inventory Management: Efficient Storerooms Save Money

Strategies for Efficient MRO Parts Storerooms

Three Hurdles to Efficient MRO Parts Storerooms

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