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Strategies for Efficient MRO Parts Storerooms

By Frank Murphy   Material Handling

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By focusing on several strategies, managers can ensure departments' MRO storerooms generate savings for the organization.

Focusing on organization:

  • eliminates the need for costly expansion or the construction of a new storage facility
  • maximizes the effective use of existing space through efficient design and set-up
  • leads to the replacement of old, homemade, or barely functional storage fixtures with modern, efficient units that increase the density of parts storage
  • results in sorting parts generically, by specific machine, or by process, expediting their location and retrieval
  • allows for more prompt location of parts, resulting in less equipment downtime
  • helps storeroom supervisors create accurate inventories, which eliminate overstock, out-of-stock, or is-it-stocked problems
  • frees up storage fixtures and storage areas for other uses
  • enhances part and tool security and reduces storeroom traffic.

By focusing on consolidation, storeroom supervisors can:

  • combine similar parts and tools in one place
  • minimize on-hand stock
  • reduce overall inventory dollar value
  • make the set-up of minimum and reorder quantities more accurate
  • free up storage areas and storage fixtures for other uses
  • eliminate technicians' private stashes of parts and satellite storage areas
  • reuse existing storage fixtures if they are functional and in good repair.

Focusing on automation, such as bar-coding technology, enables storeroom supervisors to:

  • make managing parts and tools faster and more accurate
  • record all aspects of every transaction accurately
  • eliminate manual data entry and mistakes for parts checkout, receipt and reorder
  • eliminate inefficient, time-wasting parts checkout using paper and pencil
  • conduct physical inventories and cycle counts more efficiently because the parts are bar-coded
  • provide a variety of useful reports.

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    Inventory Management: Efficient Storerooms Save Money

    Strategies for Efficient MRO Parts Storerooms

    Three Hurdles to Efficient MRO Parts Storerooms

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