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Inventory Management: RFID Transactions Occur in Real Time

RFID and batch-mode systems apply the same bar-coding technology. But with RFID, the user does not download the data to the CMMS via a cradle and cable. Instead, RFID transactions occur in real time and update the appropriate CMMS module as the transaction occurs.

RFID technology usually is found in operations that have a high rate of part or item turnover or where an accurate count of on-hand item or part availability is crucial to the business's survival. Long distances between a satellite part-storage area to a main storeroom computer frequently justify investments in RFID applications. But for large applications, batch mode can be as effective.

Finally, RFID also involves the installation of access points, which require line-of-sight communication with the scanner, thus increasing the cost of purchase, installation, and maintenance.

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Inventory Management: RFID Transactions Occur in Real Time

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