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Facility Maintenance Decisions
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Hazardous Materials: Common Storage Problems

By Jeffery C. Camplin Material Handling   Article Use Policy

Common storage problems include using inappropriate or leaking containers, storing incompatible chemicals together, and using inappropriate or unsecured containers. Managers should ensure containers have proper labels and that storage areas are free of leaks and spills.

Next, managers must make sure storage areas are designed for the hazards present. They should segregate the chemicals from incompatible materials in storage, protect containers from physical damage, and provide fire-protection and spill response based specifically on the existing hazard.

Improper storage practices can increase the risks associated with certain chemicals, particularly those that are flammable, corrosive, or reactive. A good rule of thumb is to separate and store products in compatible categories using compatible equipment stored on compatible shelving.

posted on 10/7/2009