Bedbugs Bring Headaches to Facilities

  November 28, 2018

By Dan Hounsell

The threats to institutional and commercial facilities and their occupants seems endless and constant. From hackers attacking data center servers to vandals spray painting nearly any large, flat surface to birds doing harm to rooftop equipment and visitors on the ground below, managers need to be on constant guard.

Managers in a host of facilities in Ohio might need to bring a magnifying glass to their next fight with invaders. Local exterminators say Northeast Ohio facilities face a growing bedbug epidemic, according to Fox News.

"Stores have them,” says Dale Pluck, owner of Dale's Pest Control, adding that there's currently an epidemic in the city of Lorain. “Doctors offices have them. You can almost pick them up anywhere.”

Says Wayne Minor, also with Dales Pest Control, "Schools are now picking them up, so we're now seeing a lot of kids bringing home bed bugs in their backpacks. Even though this bedbug epidemic seems to be a really big problem in Lorain, exterminators say they’re affecting more locations in Northeast Ohio.

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