Managers, Departments Deserve Recognition

By Dan Hounsell, Editor  
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For most maintenance and engineering managers, the answer to that question is, What hasn't our department done for the organization?

Departments handle the routine but essential stuff, from responding to emergency calls to running daily checks on critical-system performance. And they handle the big-picture tasks, such as playing a central role in earning certification for various green building programs.

But there's a problem with this scenario: Many of these tasks go largely unnoticed within organizations, which is unfortunate because, when taken together, they lay the groundwork for both short-term benefits and long-term success. Managers and their departments help organizations achieve important goals with nearly every task they perform.

So here's the follow-up question: What has your department done for your organization lately that people within the organization know about? In most cases, too few key people know just what maintenance and engineering does, or how well.

We can help. The 2011 Maintenance Solutions Achievement Awards (MSAA) is taking nominations, and we want your success stories. If your department has achieved something noteworthy and important in the last year or so — and what department hasn't? — tell us about it. We'll post the nominations on myfacilitiesnet.com so visitors to the site can review them and select their favorites (and steal the best ideas, no doubt). Our panel of experts will select the winners, who'll receive their awards at the Facility Decisions Conference & Expo in October.

Maintenance and engineering departments have operated in the shadows and basements of facilities for too long. Shine a spotlight on your department's achievements, and bring the recognition it deserves.

To enter, visit www.facilitiesnet.com/ms/msaa/.

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Managers, Departments Deserve Recognition

Tough Decisions: Managers Need a Strong Conscience

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