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Maintenance Planning: From Concept to Reality

Part one of columnist Michael Cowley's three-part article on maintenance planning

Maintenance planning and scheduling is a dream of many institutional and commercial facilities, but the reality is it is difficult to accomplish and realize the benefits. Managers attempt to make the planning and scheduling process much too difficult and complex.

The key in realizing tangible benefits is to develop a simple system that allows an organization to easily turn planning and scheduling into reality. Keep it simple and useful. As managers begin learning about the planning and scheduling process, they need to consider and understand a series of issues:

• How many details do you need for an acceptable planning program?

• How can you plan without a full-time planner?

• Justifying the planner position

• The traits of a full-time planner

• Weekly and daily planning and scheduling of meetings

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Maintenance Planning: From Concept to Reality

Decide What Constitutes a Good or Acceptable Maintenance Plan

Fine-Tune Maintenance Planning Process with Measuring and Meetings

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