By the Numbers: Report Outlines Problems and Goals, Tracks Results

Making a successful case to building owners and executives for financial support

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The A3 Report

Theme: What are we trying to do?

• Background of the problem
• Context required for full understanding
• Importance of the problem

Current Condition:
• Diagram of current situation or process
• Highlight problems
• What about the system is not ideal?
• Extent of the problem

Cause Analysis:
• List problems
• Most likely direct or root cause

Target Condition:
• Diagram of proposed new process
• Countermeasures
• Measurable targets (i.e. quantity or time)

Plan Implementation:
• What? Actions to be taken
• Who? Responsible person
• When? Times and dates
• Where?

• Plan. How will you check the effects? When will you check them?
• Actual Results. In red ink or pencil. Date check done. Results compared to predicted results.

— Darrell Rounds

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