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A Retooled Resource for a Changing Profession

By Dan Hounsell   Maintenance & Operations

Where were you in 1995? Take a minute to stop and think about that question because chances are, you were a very long way from where you sit today.

In the last 11 years, almost everything has changed about maintenance and engineering, from the way managers develop short- and long-term plans to the methods and tools that technicians use in their day-to-day activities.

Perhaps nothing has changed as much for managers as the technology involved in managing and carrying out maintenance tasks.

From web-based computerized maintenance management systems and infrared diagnostic tools to sensor-operated restroom fixtures and biometric access-control components, technology and its constant advances have become essential elements within maintenance and engineering departments, not to mention the facilities they work in.

Needless to say, tracking this moving target for has been challenging. But just as the technology of facilities has advanced since 1995, so have our efforts to provide the information managers need in formats that mesh with your fast-paced and demanding jobs.

In 1995, we launched FacilitiesNet.com to bring Maintenance Solutions to the internet. Along the way, we’ve updated it, both in anticipation of and in reaction to your shifting information needs.

This month, we relaunched a retooled and redesigned FacilitiesNet.com, and its focus remains on producing a web site that meets your needs for the best and most useful information on maintenance and engineering management.

And just as you’ve taken advantage of technology to improve your performance, we’ve put technology to work in improving the web site. Among the changes you’ll see:

  • an expanded news section offering daily updates on key facilities-related developments
  • blogs by facilities professionals and from the editors of Maintenance Solutions
  • maintenance-specific information on training, codes and regulations
  • enhanced product and technology coverage.

FacilitiesNet.com has come a long way since 1995. Visit us to see how far we’ve come, let us know how wellwe’re meeting your information needs, and check back regularly. We’re not done yet.

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  posted on 10/1/2006   Article Use Policy

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