Retrofitting vs. Relighting — What Makes Most Sense for Your Facility?

  July 17, 2015

Lighting manufacturers are producing a variety of new LED replacement luminaires, retrofit/conversion kits and lamps for maintenance and engineering managers to consider for projects in their institutional and commercial facilities.

No matter what the conversion entails, managers must be prepared to study the projects from all angles to achieve the best value from an economic value standpoint.

Chris Bailey, the director of business development and product innovation for Hubbell Lighting and Hubbell Lighting's Lighting Solutions Center, lays out the scenarios that managers should consider in a blog post titled, "Money Matters — Retrofit or Relight?"

"Carefully consider the financial variables involved in lighting retrofit and relight projects," Bailey writes. "These must, at a minimum, be evaluated on a customer-by-customer basis, and in many cases, building-by-building basis."

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