LEED Crosswalks Help Users Pursue Several Certifications at Once

The idea is to help users identify synergies between LEED and other sustainability rating systems.   January 11, 2023

By Greg Zimmerman, senior contributing editor

The number of sustainability rating systems has exploded, and facility managers may find it difficult to understand the various requirements. Or it simply may be too time-consuming to identify which rating system best meets an organization’s goals and priorities. Does the organization want to be zero waste? Is it looking to be carbon neutral? Is it simply hoping to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions? 

A program from the U.S. Green Building Council called LEED Crosswalks can help facility managers navigate the various rating systems and their requirements. According to USGBC, “Crosswalks help project teams identify the features of LEED that align with strategies found in other rating systems. They also enable projects seeking a dual rating to do so with greater ease and a more streamlined approach.” 

LEED intersects many other rating systems, including WELL, EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies), PEER (Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal), and many others. LEED Crosswalks helps users identify credits in the LEED Credit Library that create synergies between LEED and these other rating systems.  

The LEED Crosswalks site includes documents and resources that specifically identify these synergies between LEED and seven other rating systems.  

Greg Zimmerman is senior contributing editor for FacilitiesNet.com and Building Operating Management magazine. 


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