Ireland House Installs Eureka Mute Luminaires for New Design

The Eureka Mute luminaires are the primary light sources for this project.   February 24, 2023

By FacilitiesNet Staff

Ireland House is the amalgamation of three Irish government agencies under one roof in the heart of downtown San Francisco. The Irish government hired William Duff Architects, Inc. (WDA) with a unique challenge: design a space representing each agency while creating unifying elements that bring them together.  

The 9,755 square-foot space features open ceilings and oversized windows around the perimeter. WDA sought to take advantage of the significant sunlight at peak times while ensuring adequate lighting levels for both open spaces and closed rooms throughout the day. Eureka's Mute pendant was selected as the primary illumination source in the open offices.   

The large-format Mute luminaires, at 32 inches in diameter, serve multiple roles in the space.  

Each luminaire comprises twelve felt-like acoustic panels surrounding an LED light source. A wide planar diffuser directs functional yet comfortable illumination down to the workspaces below.  

Without the benefit of a drop ceiling to absorb ambient sound, the acoustic panels help to manage noise levels in the open offices. When sound waves encounter the felt fibers made from PET recycled material, the fibers' slight movement absorbs a portion of the waves, to reduce noise.  


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