California Hotel Utilizes Lighting Controls to Suit the Atmosphere

Sapphire Touch Screens allow managers to tailor lighting to the space.   January 13, 2023

By FacilitiesNet Staff

A Carlsbad, California theme park hotel had specific lighting and control goals for each of the spaces in the hotel it was building. From the lobby, restaurant and play area, each room had unique lighting needs to enhance the atmosphere, meet energy codes and bring excitement from the theme park to the hotel. Guests need to feel welcome and the space inviting from the moment they walk through the door. 

The Installation Leviton worked closely with the lighting designer and facility managers to create suitable scenes, solutions and lighting controls for each space to ensure the lighting reflected the goals. The Solution Sapphire Touch Screens were installed in each of these spaces while coming in at half the competition’s price for a cost-effective, energy-efficient solution.  

Sapphire Touch Screens installed in the manager’s office gave hotel managers the ability to tailor lighting to the space and promote a welcoming environment that builds brand loyalty and repeat business. Facility managers can create customizable lighting schedules for different times of the day. These lighting scenes play a vital role in making an excellent first impression. 

Meanwhile, Sapphire Touch Screens installed in the restaurant and lounges allowed staff to create customized scenes and schedules to adjust to predetermined lighting levels based on the time of day while providing energy savings. Proper lighting in hotel restaurants and lounges creates an unforgettable dining experience that enhances food, service, décor, and atmosphere. It also balances the guest experience, food and beverage presentation, and kitchen functionality. 

Sapphire also works with the hotel’s DMX fixtures for full-color tuning control. Adjusting the color hues of the fixtures dramatically changes the look and feel of the space to enhance the high-energy areas. It also provides an elegant, full-scale touch screen control solution for scene control, scheduling, occupancy sensing, daylighting, color tuning, and AV interconnection. Combine the easy system integration of Leviton commercial lighting controls with the flexibility of a customizable user interface and native control convenience. 

Leviton offers spec-ready lighting and control solutions for every space in a hospitality application to boost the overall guest experience while increasing both energy savings and repeat business. 


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