NEMA Publishes Guidance on Solid-State Lighting

The white paper illustrates the differences between functional and decorative solid-state lighting luminaires

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published a new white paper, LSD 51-2009 Solid-State Lighting — Definitions for Functional and Decorative Applications.

The white paper illustrates and clarifies the differences between functional and decorative solid-state lighting (SSL) luminaires and provides guidelines for determining the major characteristics, performance criteria, and evaluation process needed for these products. It is designed to provide useful information to managers and might assist the government and other groups in developing SSL specifications.

The NEMA Next Generation Lighting Alliance, the NEMA Solid State Lighting Section and the American Lighting Association prepared the white paper.

“LSD 51 opens a discussion regarding the harmonization of technology, energy efficiency, and aesthetics with regard to solid-state lighting luminaires,” says Jianzhong Jiao, chair of the SSL Technical Committee. “A goal of the document was to support the need for energy saving products without impeding future technological growth in the lighting industry. Furthermore, this document provides a basis of consistency and rationale for establishing new industry standards and government specifications relating to solid-state lighting applications.”

Managers can download the free document by visiting this Web site.

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