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SENSOR SWITCH The nLight lighting control system integrates time-based and sensor-based controls. The system networks sensors, power packs, photocells and wall switches with decentralized intelligence. The system is controlled via local LCD gateways or Web-based software. Numerous different settings and operational modes can be configured for a zone or group of zones. Real-time data available includes occupancy status, remaining time delay and current dim level.

LITHONIA LIGHTING The RT5R Relight luminaire retrofits parabolic systems, allowing one-to-one fixture replacements. The volumetric lighting fixture reduces energy consumption by up to 60 percent in comparison to four-lamp T12 fixtures, according to the company. Available in two-lamp 2-by-2-foot or 2-by-4-foot fixtures with step-dim or full-range control.

ILUMISYS The MK1 LED tube directly replaces standard T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes without modifications to the fixtures or ballasts. The lamp is available in color temperatures ranging from 3,500 K to 5,000?K, with a variety of optical diffusion options. Runs directly from 110 VAC or other building line currents as specified.

MEGAMAN The Dimmerable series of CFL lamps is compatible with most electronic and digital dimmers for incandescent and halogen lamps, with a linear dimming range between 10 and 100 percent. Uses mercury in amalgam, with less than 2 mg of mercury per lamp, according to the company. Lamp is wrapped in silicone to shield against shattered glass.

WATT STOPPER The fixture-mounted FD-301 dimming photosensor for 0-10 VDC ballasts can be pre-wired into the lighting fixture during production. The spectral response of the photodiode matches the photopic curve. Commissioning adjustments are made using a handheld remote. An optional occupant remote control permits the automatic light level to be overridden.

MAXLITE The Faux Can flush-mounted flat CFL luminaire gives the appearance of a recessed downlight. Behind a frosted diffuser, the electronic ballast is located within the trim and has a GU-24 base on the back. The flat disk lamp has a 10,000-hour life. Dimmable models available.

OSRAM SYLVANIA PowerSHED is a high-efficiency, instant-start bi-level ballast with a built-in power line carrier (PLC) signal receiver for automated dimming response. Supporting two- or three-lamp fixtures, it will shed up to 30 percent of its load. The PLC injector system is adaptable to many control methods including manual switching and AC relays. Has a .87 ballast factor.

ALANOD ALUMINUM Miro-Silver for light-pipes has a 98 percent total light reflectivity and transmits pure white light, with no color shift even after multiple reflections, according to the company. It is a solid reflective material, not a laminated polymer sheet, will not fade or lose reflectivity, and is electrostatically neutral.

FULL SPECTRUM SOLUTIONS The bi-level garage fixture in the Everlast Induction lighting line operates at 50 percent power until a sensor is triggered. The fixture then switches to 100 percent illumination. Resistant to shock and vibration, the fixture has a 100,000-hour lamp life and 60,000-hour ballast life, with a CRI of 90.

ACRALIGHT NanoStar skylights use a translucent aerogel insulation that provides four times the R-value over standard double-dome skylights, according to the company. The gel is UV stable, resists moisture, mold and yellowing, and is non-combustible. The metal-framed skylights with Nanogel-filled polycarbonate panels create a soft, evenly-diffused light.

CARLISLE SYNTEC The Drylight skylight has fully encapsulated glazing, providing a bond between the frame and the dome to reduce leakage. It has a thermoplastic retainer frame which is non-conductive. Available in curb and curb-mountable designs with roofing membrane flashing standard in 4-by-4-foot, 4-by-8-foot, and 5-by-6-foot units and three glazing options.

AMERLUX Evoke Trimless downlights with 2.9-inch round or square apertures use 20-watt miniature metal halide lamps and ballasts. The 3/16-inch flanged reflector trim sits flush with the ceiling line, for minimal edge detail. A perforated plaster ring gets mounted to the aperture for the application of drywall compound for a clean installation look in the ceiling.

ELECTRONIC THEATRE CONTROLS The Paradigm lighting control system provides energy-management tools that capitalize on daylight-harvesting, occupancy sensing and time schedules, combined with a library of lighting fixtures and networking to speak fluently to different devices from different manufacturers over the same control system.

LUTRON The Quantum light and energy management system can configure, monitor, analyze, and report on the data it collects. The product manages the company’s fluorescent lighting control system and shading system from a single dedicated PC. The PC stores data about the system, such as light levels, power consumption, and sensor status, and runs the fixture management software.

TCP The ProSeries compact fluorescent lamp features a digital driver that dims down to 10 percent. The lamp will restart at any light level, is compatible with all dimmers and has a 6,000-hour life. A titanium dioxide pre-wash keeps the mercury from migrating into, and becoming embedded in, the phosphor and glass, according to the company.

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC Wall-mounted occupancy sensors come in passive infrared, ultrasonic and dual-technology models. The sensors incorporate an integral light-level sensor, front-located adjustments for setting sensitivity and time delay, and an isolated relay for use with building automation, security and HVAC systems. The dual-technology version provides the greatest sensitivity to motion in large areas with obstructions, such as conference rooms.

LEVITON Dual-relay Decora wall-switch passive-infrared occupancy sensors have automatic switching and bi-level controls, with user-selectable high or low lighting levels. A walk-through feature turns the lights off if no activity is detected after 2.5 minutes. With sufficient daylight, the ambient light override prevents automatic switching on of lights.

KRAMER LED Linear LED is available in individual or continuous runs, 4-, 8- or 12-foot length units. Configurations include direct, indirect, wall mount or ceiling mount. A 0- to 10-Volt DC dimming driver is optional. The line uses direct contact refractors sealed to the LED dome to provide up to 96 percent optical efficiency, according to the company.

UNIVERSAL LIGHTING TECHNOLOGIES DEMANDflex is a high efficiency program-start ballast that can be tuned at the circuit level to set power levels during initial installation. It has the same footprint as a standard ballast, requires no control wires and is compatible with occupancy sensors and the company’s DCL control system.

JUNO LIGHTING GROUP Elate CMH commercial recessed lighting fixtures for ceramic metal halide lamps and electronic ballasts have a lamp sensing switch option. During lamp maintenance, the switch automatically turns the ballast off and back on to permit normal restarting of the new lamp, avoiding the need to turn off the circuit breaker.

BODINE The BSL23C emergency LED driver operates an LED load up to 3.1 watts at full rated current during loss of normal AC power. It works in conjunction with the existing LED driver to convert the luminaire into emergency lighting. The BSL23C supports emergency lighting for a minimum of 90 minutes.

ADVANCE The ROVR digital addressable controllable fluorescent lamp ballasts include a one-lamp model for 54 watt T5 fluorescent applications and one- and two-lamp models for 32 Watt T8 fluorescent applications. The ballasts enable two-way communications with individual lighting fixtures and feature full-range continuous dimming from 100 percent to 3 percent (down to 1 percent in the T5HO models).

PHILIPS LIGHTING COMPANY The Energy Saver 3-way twister compact fluorescent lamp replaces 50-100-150 watt incandescent 3-way bulbs. Double helix technology utilizes two separate burners and uses 11 watts, 23 watts and 34 watts. The lamp features instant-on technology and has an average rated life of 10,000 hours based on a restart time of once every three hours.

GE CONSUMER AND INDUSTRIAL T8 Watt-Miser lamps in 2- and 3-foot lengths offer up to a 12 percent reduction in wattage compared with standard 2-foot and 3-foot T8 lamps, according to the company. Designed for use on instant start ballasts and programmed rapid start ballasts, the lamps deliver a 24,000-hour rated life at 12 hours per start, as well as an 80-85 color rendering index.

COOPER LIGHTING The Corelite Class R luminaire uses T5s in a recessed low-profile housing. The direct-indirect luminaires are available at depths of 1-3/4 inches and 2-7/8 inches. Available in 1-by-4-foot, 2-by-2-foot and 2-by-4-foot sizes with one, two or three lamp options. Can be installed from below the plenum or slid over from an adjacent grid space.

ARCHITECTURAL ENERGY CORPORATION The Sensor Placement + Optimization Tool (SPOT) quantifies the intended electric lighting and annual daylighting characteristics of a space and forecasts energy use to determine optimal photosensor placement and system settings. The free software uses an Excel platform and can model any electric lighting source or daylighting design.

ENCELIUM The Energy Control System integrated lighting control and energy management system can address each fluorescent light fixture. The system simultaneously employs time-scheduled switching or dimming, daylight harvesting, task-specific light level tuning, occupancy sensing, variable load shedding and individual user workspace light control via PC software. Components are connected through universal interface modules.


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