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Future-proof Modular Luminaire
Orion Energy Systems: The third generation ISON Class LED High Bay fixture (HBIF3) delivers more than 214 LPW at 5000K and 70 or 80 CRI. Because of the modularity of the entire ISON LED High Bay suite of products, the prior generation Gen 2 ISON High Bay fixture that companies have installed in the past is now upgradable to the 214 LPW efficiency. The future-proof modular design also allows for ease of field maintenance. The LED driver is available as non-dimming or 0-10v dimming. Options include integrated sensors and battery backup.

Intelligent LED Control
Digital Lumens: LightRules 3.0 offers improved control, automation, and operational visibility over previous iterations through facility-wide energy and occupancy snapshots, tables, and trends. Leveraging data from Digital Lumens’ LED fixtures, Digital Light Agents, and LightRules Power software, the platform’s dashboards report real-time energy cost savings. Customizable energy and occupancy trend indicators are designed to monitor facility performance and inform energy usage forecasts. Reporting and sharing functions allow users to validate cost savings and energy usage, and apply occupancy and asset management information to the benefit of their organization’s bottom line, the company says.

Mobile Lighting Control
RAB Lighting: Lightcloud, a commercial wireless lighting control system and service, allows end users to operate everything from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Lightcloud offers programmable schedules, daylight harvesting, dimming capabilities, occupancy/vacancy sensing, and support for demand response. The system includes a gateway, controllers, dimmers, sensors, and wall-mounted touch screen. In addition, the Lightcloud service comes with a variety of concierge services including unlimited tech/user support and commissioning, RAB lighting design services, utility rebate assistance, and user management. The system is backed by an unlimited warranty on all hardware for the life of the service agreement. DLC Qualified Products List listed.

Nearly Invisible Sensor
MechoSystems: The unobtrusive and battery-less Wireless Daylight Sensor utilizes an integrated solar-powered photosensor to monitor the light coming through the curtainwall. Via EnOcean RF communication technology, daylight information is sent by the Wireless Daylight Sensor to a wireless controller directly connected to the MechoNet data network, enabling shades in the space to move autonomously. These two units move shades to full up, full down, and to intermediate positions, based on daylight present at the curtainwall/window without additional hardware, computers, or sensors being required. No cabling is needed.

PoE Lighting IoT
Cree: SmartCast Power over Ethernet (PoE) is an intuitively simple, scalable, and open platform that enables the Internet of Things (IoT), the company says. The solution connects disparate systems into a single IP network and is designed to solve the inherent commissioning complexities of deploying network-powered smart lighting within buildings. SmartCast lights, light switches, and dimmers operate with Cisco’s standards-based PoE-powered network architecture. This platform works out of the box and provides power and networking for the lights with a standard Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for separate data and high-voltage power connections.

Mesh Lighting Control
Synapse Wireless: SimplySNAP is a locally hosted wireless lighting controls solution for managing LED lights via an 802.15.4 SNAP mesh network. The product operates through fixture agnostic hardware, and offers the ability to control indoor and outdoor lights through a single solution. SimplySNAP is scalable to hundreds of lights. With the system controlled by a single site controller, day-to-day operation is uncomplicated through a mobile-friendly interface via Wi-Fi. Commissioning is designed to be simple with manual entry, CSV upload, the use of Synapse's mobile app, or auto-discovery of the lighting network. Power data, alarms, and critical events are stored locally for maintenance and troubleshooting. Supports sensors and over the air software upgrades.

Super Skinny Luminaire
LumenOptix: LUZ Panel Luminaire's slim profile allows it to be installed in any ceiling space. At less than a ½-inch thick, its opalescent panels are designed to diffuse light evenly for a smooth, luminous glow without glare, dark spots, streaks, and pixilation. LUZ is available in 2-by-2 foot, 2-by-4 foot, and 1-by-4 foot and is compatible with all wired and wireless control systems. Available LUZ options include battery backup, surface mount, pendant mount, and colored frames. UL and DLC listed.

Consistent Lamp Look
Lunera: The Lunera HID LED 360 lamp complements the aesthetics of architectural post top fixtures. It replaces traditional metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium (HPS) High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps, and is offered in 2000K through 5000K color temperatures with an 80+ CRI. When lit, the lamp’s 360-degree optical diffusion lens eliminates glare and stark shadows while ensuring ample foot-candles at the walkway, the company says. In daylight, the lens design continues to enhance the post top fixture appearance by covering the exposed LED components. Available with either a Mogul (E39) or Medium (E26) base, it can be installed using the existing ballast or with the ballast bypassed.

Lighting Enables IoT
Enlighted: Enlighted's IoT solutions are designed to create smart buildings through new and existing lighting systems by establishing a network of smart sensors that gather data in real-time on light, heat, occupancy, security, and asset location. The data are analyzed via apps and interface with building systems to optimize the environment. Enlighted is listed on the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Advanced Lighting Controls (ALC) Qualified Products List, meeting the DLC Specifications in all configurations.

Tricky Plenum Troffer
Columbia Lighting: LED Zero Plenum Troffer (LZPT) addresses the issue of restricted plenum spaces without impacting the required distribution of light. For installation, the telescoping housing requires only three inches above the ceiling at one end of the fixture. Once installed, a housing height of 1.5-inches — no taller than standard T-bar — keeps the fixture from intruding into the useable plenum. Available in four LED color choices with a CRI of 82. Multiple lumen packages ranging from 1900 to 9100 nominal lumens with 60,000 hour LEDs at L80.

One-Step LED Tube
EarthTronics: Type A direct-install LED linear tubes are "plug and play" on electronic fluorescent ballasts. The tubes replace T8 fluorescent lamps working on instant start, program rapid start, and emergency back-up electronic ballast systems. The 15-watt EarthBulb LED linear tube is available in 4000K and 5000K with 300-degree beam angle. This linear tube provides 2200 lumens and has a CRI of 82. This lamp is engineered for high lumen maintenance over its 50,000 hour rated life and exceeds the requirements for DLC. Dimmable when used with fluorescent dimming ballasts. The product line includes a 6-inch U-bend; and 24-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch tube. 

Architectural Feature Flare
Acclaim Lighting: Dyna Drum HO is an energy-efficient, IP66 wet rated, high-powered, quad-color architectural lighting fixture with a wireless digital multiplex (DMX) control option for facade and large-scale area flood lighting. Dyna Drum HO features RGBW chips and single color versions available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 5500K, providing more than 10,000 lumens at its highest output for brilliant illumination and superior color rendering. For easy control, it has an adjustable yoke, onboard digital control display for menu selections and addressing, and a 100-277 watt internal power supply. Available in beam angles of 6 degrees standard, with 25-, 40- and 60-degree spread lens options, and consumes only 228 watts.

Easy Downlight Upgrade
Terralux: The DRVH is an easy-to-install, high output LED upgrade for 8- to 12-inch commercial downlights that utilize vertically mounted Compact Fluorescent (CFL) or High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulbs. The DRVH is a self-contained retrofit kit that re-uses the original downlight fixture, less the old ballast and bulb. Available in three light outputs (2000, 2500, or 3000 lumens), three correlated color temperatures (3000K, 3500K or 4000K), and includes built-in universal 120-277V 0-10V dimming that provides additional control and energy cost savings. A 10-year warranty is standard, even when the product is used in commercial, 24/7 run-time applications.

More Affordable Tube
HyLite LED Lighting: The LED Tube Light, a complimentary product to the high-performance LED Tube lights, is normal-brightness for a more economical choice in LED retrofit lamps. The light is a direct-wire LED retrofit solution that provides up to 50,000 hours of rated life. It does not require a ballast or additional equipment to operate. The 4-foot LED Tube runs at 18W and provides up to 135 lumens per watt. Listed on the Design Lights Consortium’s QPL.

Dark Sky Friendly
U.S. Architectural Lighting: The Razar LED Generation series' post-top models have a lens-free design and optional house side shielding to offer brightness control and provide sharp cutoff optics for dark sky or light trespass requirements. Model Razar-PT1 incorporates a reverse-triangle single arm design that connects the tenon hub to the housing. Model Razar-PT2, has a twin arm post-top mounting that separates the electrical compartment/mounting hub from the optical housing. Both models feature 40- or 80-PLED optical modules with a choice of 10 light distribution patterns. All LED arrays are field rotatable in 90-degree increments and replaceable; drive currents and dimming capabilities are identical across the series.

Swappable Downlight Trims
Nora: Cobalt Click is a versatile LED downlight with more than 50 interchangeable, snap-on trims. The range of finish and trim styles includes reflector, baffle, wall wash, square round, square pinhole, and square regress. Features 750 lumens and 4-, 5- and 6-inch apertures. Apertures have a deep-set diffused lens designed for enhanced visual comfort and less glare. Cobalt Click offers 95 CRI for more natural color rendition and 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K options. It has a dimmable driver and is UL classified and cULus wet label listed.

Entry Level Downlight
Prescolite: LiteBox Plus is a 6-inch LED downlight and wall wash module with a dimming option selectable at the junction box. The integral high-efficiency LED driver 120-277V 50/60Hz is compatible with 120-277V low voltage and 120V Triac dimming, and features a dimming range that is 100 percent to one percent light output. Additionally, LiteBox Plus features output levels from 800 to 1,500 lumens, while consuming only 10 to 20 watts. The high efficacy LED light engine offers 2700K to 4000K at 90 CRI and is integrated with an aluminum heat sink for thermal management.

Acorn and Globe Retrofit
MaxLite: LED Post Top Lamps with higher output replace 125- to 175-watt metal halide sources in enclosed outdoor lighting fixtures. Designed for use in post top luminaires with an E39 socket, such as acorn fixtures, the 30- and 50-watt retrofit lamps deliver respective outputs of 3,000 and 5,000 lumens with an omnidirectional beam that creates ample and even illumination. The models are DesignLights Consortium (DLC) listed. Available in 3000K and 5000K color temperatures, the lamps are suitable for use in both dry and damp locations. The line also includes 50-, 75-, and 100-watt equivalents for use in lower wattage fixtures, such as bollards and globes.

Hazardous Location Luminaire
Solas Ray Lighting: HazLoc-LED Series High- and Low-Bay indoor/outdoor models are Class 1, Division 2 and Class 2, Division 2 certified for widespread use in many hazardous locations. The circular luminaires feature die-cast aluminum housings with cooling fins. Low-Bay models are 14-inches in diameter by 3.56-inches high and are available in three wattages producing 5,398, 10,370 lumens, or 15,321 lumens. High-Bay is 20-inches in diameter by 10.375-inches high, available in seven wattages producing between 6,158 and 41,369 lumens. An inline-fuse surge protector and LED indicator light are options.

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LEDs Headline Updates To Lighting Products and Technology

Lighting Products

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