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Facilities Manager - Facilities Management Job Post

Job Type: full time

Location: DC

Role: Facilities Executive
Apply at: https://apply.workable.com/j/AD12B065F5

Description: This position reports to the Associate General Secretary for Finance and Operations (AGS for F&O) and is supported by the Office Coordinator, who is responsible for facilities related tasks such as, managing Reception (in-person, calls and emails), office equipment supply inventory, office, and meeting room coordination, and office and facilities invoice management.

The Facilities Manager will be responsible for all aspects of the stewardship, maintenance, and building operations of our 9,500 square foot green office building at 245 2nd Street, NE the adjacent 3,600 square foot residential property, 205 C Street, NE, in which apartment units and the Quaker Welcome Center is located, additional 3,600 square foot office space at 518 C Street NE, and 515 E. Capitol St SE, where operations for William Penn House (dba Friends Place on Capitol Hill) are conducted.

The Facilities Manager provides day to day operational building maintenance, assists with large events such as Annual Meeting and Spring Lobby Weekend, supports the physical health and safety of employees and guests and tends to requests from the AGS for F&O as needed. On an on-going basis, the Facilities Manager assesses and maintains the conditions and up-coming needs to keep our building spaces operating at appropriate effectiveness.

Oversee all aspects of day-to-day facilities operations for 245 2nd St NE, 205 C St NE and 518 C St NE as clean, safe, well-maintained and environmentally sustainable workspaces for our employees, volunteers, committee members, tenants and our visitors. This includes development and management of operating budgets and maintaining the vendor and services management system for maintenance, security, inspections, and other facilities related needs.

Ensure all buildings and spaces are clean and secure, that access to building (fobs and key codes) are current and available for all spaces are available as needed.

Conduct and oversee building maintenance and repairs and, when necessary, develop a schedule of major repairs/renovation

Actively manage and work with vendors to achieve best possible results and to keep costs reasonable.

Coordinate deep cleaning for 245 2nd St NE, 205 C St NE and 518 C St NE during each Summer and the rearrangement of staff as necessary to accommodate all Program Assistants. The Friends Place cleaning contract is managed separately by the Friends Place Director.

Continuously identify and implement changes for our energy systems and utilities in order to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce related expenses for the organization.

Analyze and adjust current vendor arrangements as needed, e.g., heating and air conditioning system maintenance, elevator service, waste disposal, landscaping, cleaning services, security, and furniture procurement. Recommend and implement best practices for sustainable building management.

Monitor and maintain current HVAC and Geothermal systems and other energy uses, including the green roof at 205C St, to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of systems and equipment.

Monitor solar collection arrays and roof gardens to assure functionality so that the maximal positive environmental impact is achieved.

Repair and/or replace old, worn, or broken fixtures among all spaces in all buildings.

Track and interpret benefits of sustainable building practices for our legislative and educational programs.

Supervise building operations at 205 C Street NE, including each floor with apartment units and the Quaker Welcome Center; maintain and maximize the environmental features which have been installed and ensure that the building facility’s functions are sufficiently supported.

Our space at 518 C Street NE is part of a separately managed building, therefore the Facilities Manager will:

Collaborate with the owner’s maintenance and building operations team.

Resolve all internal furniture, environmental and staff needs

Friends Place on Capitol Hill

Facilities operations at 515 E. Capitol St SE are managed by the Facilities Manager and Friends Place Director via routine collaboration and communications. In general, the Friends Place Director or their designate manage short-term furniture, fixture and equipment needs. For immediate or urgent repairs to address mechanical, equipment or plumbing (MEP) related issues, the Friends Place Director notifies the Facility Manager and two agree on a course of action. Also, long-term, structural repairs are managed by the Facilities Manager. All structural and MEP related vendors are managed by the Facilities Manager.

Day-to-day cleaning and building security (fobs and key codes) are managed by the Friends Place Director or their designated staff; The Facilities Director oversees the security system contract, maintenance of the system, and changes in the physical equipment.

Maintain and maximize the installed environmental features at 515 E. Capitol St SE

Ensure building usage and facility functions at 515 E. Capitol St SE are sufficiently supported.

Apply at: https://apply.workable.com/j/AD12B065F5

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