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Director of Facilities - Facilities Management Job Post

Job Type: full time

Location: NY

Role: Facilities Executive
Apply at: https://www.glynwood.org/who-we-are/job-opportunities.html

Description: Job Title: Director of Facilities

Reports To: Vice President of Finance & Operations

FLSA Exemption Status: Exempt

Position Type: Regular, Full-time

Compensation: 65,000 - 110,000 DOE

Regular Work Hours: M-F, 9:00 – 5:00

Date Created/Last Updated: 9/1/2021

Location: Cold Spring

Residence Required: No

The Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

Job Summary

The Director of Facilities is responsible for the upkeep and improvement of the 250 Acre site in Cold Spring. They will balance the needs of the users of the space (farmers, general public, program attendees) while keeping a keen eye on the aesthetics of the site. The role requires a deep understanding of the underlying infrastructure of Glynwood and a respect for the ongoing maintenance needs. The Director of Facilities will articulate a clear strategic vision of how the site will develop over time and they will manage the progress towards executing that vision. They will manage a number of concurrent projects dealing with both the existing historic property and new construction.

Essential Job Duties

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Capital Project Management

Glynwood’s capital projects are distinguished from maintenance projects as having a cost of greater than five thousand dollars and having an expected lifespan of over one year.

● The Director of Facilities will create and maintain a strategic plan going out a minimum of five years and ensure that plan is represented within the overall Glynwood plan.

● They will have a detailed understanding of the short-term (eighteen month) deliverables on this plan and be able to communicate these deliverables and challenges clearly to different stakeholders (including budget managers and board members).

● They will work with the Farm and Finance departments to prioritise these deliverables for the forthcoming budget and manage priorities during the current year.

● The Director of Facilities will have oversight responsibility of all aspects of the project, including but not limited to; Design, Surveys, Permits, Tender and Selection, Scheduling, Contractor Management, Budget, Cashflows and Stakeholder management.

Infrastructure Management

Glynwood’s site and corresponding infrastructure has evolved organically over the centuries as the needs of the farm have demanded. In its current role as a center for regional food and farming, new demands are being put on the infrastructure which must be carefully managed. These include, but are not limited to New and Historic buildings, roads, dams, potable and agricultural water supplies, sewerage, land drainage, power & communications.

● The Director of Facilities will create and maintain a schematic map of all critical infrastructure on the site.

● They will act as the gatekeeper for the impact of any new projects on the infrastructure, running what-if scenarios on the maps to show what can and cannot be done.

Site Management Oversight

Glynwood’s site management team is responsible for the routine maintenance of infrastructure, vehicles,equipment, grounds and systems on the Cold Spring property. They also manage requests from the residents, program teams, farm operations, administration and rental businesses. Furthermore, the team

will respond to all manner of emergencies across the site. The Director of Facilities provides guidance,training and support to the Site Manager and must ensure that:

● A robust maintenance program is in place and is being followed which covers the upkeep of Water Systems (Potable, Non Potable, Waste, Wells, Irrigation Ponds), Vehicles, Equipment, Roads, Trees, Lawns, buildings, Alarms, Generators, HVAC, Fire Systems, Freezers,Communications.

● There is a process for dealing with new requests including their prioritization and clear communication on progress.

● Emergency protocols are established, including on-call rotas and clear procedures for incidents involving, but not limited to fire, leaks, power outages, freezers, storm damage, snow & floods.

● The Property and Capital budgets are well managed, by assisting in forecasting, budget creation and managing expenses.

The Director of Facilities will also be a subject matter expert in many fields across the farm. They will provide technical council and support across diverse disciplines and work proactively to cross-train staff and apprentices in these fields. They will be responsible for the site team’s safety and provide training

and guidance to ensure safe working conditions.


● Strong Project Management skills (including planning, organising and communicating)

● Strong Leadership skills (including the ability to motivate direct and indirect reports)

● Keeps abreast of and implements appropriate technologies to get the job done.

● Anticipates maintenance issues and identifies potential solutions to problems

● Maintains knowledge of regulations (OSHA, ADA, EPA, building codes & general safety)

● Possesses diverse skills and experience in at least some of the following; carpentry, electrical,plumbing, HVAC, equipment and vehicle maintenance & landscaping. The ability to train others in these disciplines and teach associated safety protocols.

● Ability to lift 50 pounds, run motorized equipment and operate power tools primarily for training purposes.

● Willingness and ability to work outside in all weather conditions (when safe to do so)

Additional Director Responsibilities

● The Director of Facilities will work with other leaders to create a challenging and fulfilling environment for the team.

● As well as demonstrating exemplary leadership across their own teams, directors are expected to set an example to other staff members.

● They will act as staff liaison to the Property Committee, setting agendas, running and documenting meetings and coordinating with board members.

Preferred Education and Experience

● Associate’s degree

● Seven years experience in general construction or facilities management

● Two years experience in managing construction projects including contract negotiations and permit applications

Additional Eligibility Qualifications

● Affinity for Glynwood’s mission and an interest in ecological construction

● Valid US driver license in good standing

● Provable eligibility to work in the United States

To apply:

● Send cover letter and resume to jobs@glynwood.org. In the subject line please enter Director of Facilities
Apply at: https://www.glynwood.org/who-we-are/job-opportunities.html

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