Responding to H1N1 with Good IAQ

  October 26, 2009

Flu season is here and H1N1 is the hot topic. In addition to encouraging facility occupants to practice good cough etiquette and sanitizing frequently touched surfaces, paying attention to a facility’s indoor air quality can help facility executives respond appropriately in the event the flu season worsens.

The first step is to increase the amount of outside air and reduce the amount of recirculated air, as much as possible. If operable windows are available, these can also be employed to increase the amount of fresh air.

Then evaluate the types of filters being used and how frequently they’re changed. Depending on the existing schedule, that frequency may need to be increased. Depending on your system’s tolerances, consider using filters with higher particle filtration levels.

Yet another option to consider is disinfecting the air in the system with UV lights. These can be placed in the ductwork or elsewhere, depending on the facility.


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