Maintain Your Carpets for Good IAQ

  April 15, 2009

Carpeting can help trap air contaminants as they settle on its surface, at least temporarily. These include dust and dirt. Properly maintaining the carpet can both extend its life and contribute to improved indoor air quality.

When selecting vacuums, consider using one with an enclosed HEPA filter. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air and these filters can trap fine particles such as pollen that would otherwise be blown back into the air. For the filter to be effective, all the air the vacuum expels needs to go through the filter instead of leaking past it. These are called Sealed HEPA.

Another step is to quickly remove spills to prevent food sources for microorganisms such as mold. Spot cleaning should be done on a daily basis. Periodic deep cleaning will remove accumulated contaminants, but it is important to remove all of the soil, water and detergent from the carpet to minimize the possibility of mildew.


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