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IAQ Woes Prompt Hospital Infection Warnings

  October 12, 2018

By Cathryn Jakicic

Indoor air quality (IAQ) in problems in K-12 schools can lead to underperforming or sickened students. In a commercial office building, such issues can mean lower occupant productivity and increased sick days. In a healthcare facility, however, IAQ problems can compromise the health of already ill patients and even cause death.

The discovery of poor indoor air quality at Misericordia Community Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, has prompted warnings to 473 patients who might have been affected, according to The Edmonton Journal. The problem occurred between May 21 and July 18 of this year.

Covenant Health says the issue involved a failure to maintain adequate positive air pressure in three operating rooms and two labor and delivery suites. Positive air pressure is an infection-control safeguard used in operating rooms that is created by minimizing air flow into the surgical suites from surrounding areas that might not be sterile.

Covenant officials say they have taken remedial action and that no ongoing increased risk to patients exists.

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