HVAC System for Good IAQ

hvac, plenum, piping   July 14, 2010

Part of maintaining good indoor air quality in a facility means making sure the components of the HVAC system itself don''t become a problem. Filters and drain pans first leap to mind, but other components can play a negative role as well.

For example, there''s the HVAC piping. To protect indoor air quality make sure the piping - steam, condensate, or hot and chilled water - does not leak. The piping could have high concentrations of corrosion inhibitors to extend its useable life. These chemicals could become airborne if a leak is not addressed.

Another area to keep an eye on is the ceiling plenum. When the area above ceiling tiles is used as a return plenum, it''s important to keep that space free of contamination or contaminated materials, such as contaminated ceiling tiles or wet insulation. If these types of materials are allowed to remain in the plenum space, microbes can be aerosolized and eventually move into the air stream.


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