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Establish an IAQ Yardstick


Establish an IAQ yardstick for your building.

Not only do you need appropriate administrative protocols for your IAQ program, you also need a measurable baseline, or IAQ yardstick. This yardstick provides an indication of air quality conditions.

Measurable targets, such as temperature, humidity, microbial, chemical and particulate levels, should be established, and thereafter, the air should be periodically monitored in relation to these targets. Your yardstick can be used as an early warning detection system, a diagnostic tool and an important point of distinction for your building.

The data obtained can be used to compare your building with other buildings or with relevant standards, compare certain areas of your building to each other, compare current conditions with historical conditions, detect the presence of particularly harmful contaminants, detect high levels of contaminants, monitor conditions within the HVAC system, or monitor conditions in areas noted for containing particular contaminants.


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