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Customer-centered Approach to IAQ


It's been said before, but it bears repeating. When it comes to addressing indoor air quality, you really can't underestimate then need for excellent customer service practices. Not only is it important to address the IAQ situation, but you have to do it in a way that is visible so that occupants know you're listening to their concerns.

Use quality management tools to understand and identify the scope and pattern of air quality problems. Use representative focus groups to gather necessary information for a truly responsive change in operating strategy for air quality management.

Also, use only consultants that have expertise communicating with occupants. Occupants with symptoms are highly concerned and need help in dealing with that concern. They need to understand that they are being dealt with fairly and accurately by people who are knowledgeable and can be relied upon.

Consultants have to understand how people think and how to communicate investigation plans, test findings, and remediation plans effectively and believably to those workers.

By using this customer-centered approach, you have the opportunity to make changes in operating strategies that the customers or occupants will notice.


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