Specifying Effective Portable Cooling Equipment

  April 23, 2012

I'm Steve Schuster, associate editor of Maintenance Solutions magazine. Today's topic is Specifying Effective Portable Cooling Equipment.

Institutional and commercial facilities are full of technology that produces important benefits, from energy savings and sustainability to productivity and efficiency. Few products, however, have made the transition from occasional stopgap to permanent must-have as rapidly as portable cooling units.

Facilities of all kinds have come to rely on computer servers and information technology (IT) equipment for their core operations. One result of this evolution is that cooling units maintenance and engineering managers once specified primarily to provide emergency cooling have become permanent units that provide cooling in server rooms. Given the complexity of the cooling challenge in such spaces, managers might consider working closely with the manufacturer or distributor to specify the most appropriate unit.

Questions to consider when specifying cooling equipment —

Does the unit have auto restart in case of a power outage?
What is the operating range of the unit?
What kind of application support is offered by the manufacturer or distributor?
Does the seller offer rental units in case a warranty issue arises or the heat load increases, requiring more cooling?


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