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Case Study: Solution Delivers Optimized Indoor Air Quality at Life Plaza Office

  January 10, 2022

mCloud Technologies Corp. announced a three-year agreement with Colliers Macaulay Nicolls Inc. to deploy mCloud’s AssetCare solution for HVAC and indoor air quality (IAQ) at Life Plaza in downtown Calgary. The initial subscription term for this agreement becomes effective at the completion of AssetCare installation and is set to renew in November 2025. 

“A key objective of our overall ESG efforts is to deliver high-quality, resource efficient and healthy buildings to our tenants,” says Brett Koroluk, VP of asset management, Slate. “Ensuring the wellbeing and safety of our buildings’ end users with high quality air is particularly important now, as many employees are returning to work. Integrating mCloud’s AI-based digital solution at the Life Plaza property not only protects our tenants, but also helps to provide overall cost savings on energy consumption and maintenance costs, creating value across the board.” 

This AssetCare solution represents mCloud’s largest IAQ deployment to date, providing clean air and energy efficiency improvements to an 18-floor office tower spanning 235,000 square feet across 35 cloud-connected zones. 

“Through AssetCare, tenants and occupants at Life Plaza will be able to breathe easy knowing they are in a connected building that defines the new industry benchmark for thermal comfort, air quality and sustainability,” says Patrick O’Neill, mCloud Technologies, President for connected buildings. “Our IAQ solution exceeds the standards and regulations set by health and building authorities around the world, positioning the Life Plaza building as one of the healthiest and most energy efficient properties in Calgary.” 

With AssetCare building tenants will benefit from safer indoor air throughout the entire building. A combination of IoT-enabled 24/7 air quality monitoring and AI-driven connected air purification will drive indoor air quality capable of outperforming standard HEPA filtration by continuously eliminating up to 95 percent of harmful particulates and contaminants smaller than one micron in size. Mobile-scannable QR badges present throughout the building will allow building occupants to get live readings of the indoor air quality in their surroundings at any time. 

In addition to improving indoor air quality, the AssetCare HVAC and IAQ solution employs AI to drive HVAC energy improvements of up to 25 percent, cost savings from optimized maintenance, and positive ESG outcomes from the elimination of building energy waste.


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