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How to Clean a Packaged Roof Top Unit

This video shows the proper way to clean a condenser coil on a packaged RTU.

Just like every other piece of facility equipment, packaged roof top units require regular cleaning and maintenance to optimize functionality and efficiency. For a packaged rooftop unit, the main piece of preventive and ongoing maintenance is cleaning the condenser coil. 

In this video by Slipstream, Dave Herman explains why cleaning the condenser coil is so important. He explains why it’s necessary to clean the unit from the inside out, and shows how to use either plain old water or dedicated coil cleaner for the job, depending on how dirty the coil is. He emphasizes to be sure to follow the instructions on the cleaner, both in regards to the type of coil it can be used on, and also the amount required and time it needs to be left on the coil to be effective. He cautions against using pressure washers for this job as they can bend the fins and damage the coil.

Here’s the full video: 

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  posted on 5/31/2022   Article Use Policy

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